Why write a Trust?

Trusts are becoming more and more important in estate planning. I can help with trusts to protect assets for future generations. This may include putting money into trust to protect a vulnerable or disabled person who may not be able to manage the money themselves.

For couples who own their house, I would recommend a Trust be written into your Will so that on first death, your share of the property is ring-fenced for your children or other preferred beneficiaries, rather than leaving it directly to your spouse. You then give permission for your remaining spouse to live in the house until they die (or another house if they decide to move).

There are many different types of Trusts and to ensure the correct Trust is used, and best advice given, I will need to have a conversation with you about your personal circumstances and wishes.

These arrangements can only be set up if your property is held as tenants in common. If it not, then I can also arrange for the deeds of the property to be changed.

To get a full appreciation of the need for a trust contact me to discuss your requirements.